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Accommodation in the heart of the western Ore Mountains in a historic half-timbered house with newly renovated and stylishly furnished interiors in the historic Renaissance town of Horní Blatná for up to 13 people.

A region of beautiful nature, historical monuments, old mines and silence, with a centuries-old mining tradition.

The mining landscape of Abertamy - Boží Dar - Horní Blatná is newly UNESCO heritage-listed.

Come to the Ore Mountains to enjoy an undisturbed holiday. Our historic half-timbered cottage Jeřabina is created for relaxation and rest. Ideal for groups and families.

In the vicinity of the mountain cottage Jeřabina there are seven ski resorts, including the two largest in this part of the Ore Mountains-Plešivec (15 minutes by car from us) and Klínovec (20 minutes by car from us) and a number of groomed cross-country trails, as well as the so-called “Krušnohorská Magistrála”, a route several kilometers long for cyclists and cross-country skiers..