• Pernink Ski Resort is 3 km away. Potůčky Ski Resort is 6 km away
  • Plešivec Ski Resort 7km away
  • Ski resort Boží Dar + Neklid 16km
  • Ski resort Klínovec 20km away
  • The Fichtelberg Ski Area is 20 km away
  • Nové Hamry Ski Resort is 7 km away

In Klínovec and Plešivec there are trail parks of various difficulties for bicycles, bicycle rentals and cable cars. In Plešivec you can also visit the Rope Park.

For swimming we recommend the Aquacentrum and Sauna World Agricola in Jáchymov (19 min from Horní Blatná)

  • You can visit historic mines and galleries ...
  • Johannes mine, Zlatý Kopec - Boží Dar
  • mine Mauritius, Hřebečná
  • Drift number 1, Jáchymov
  • Svornost mine, Jáchymov.